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The Munchables

I love fun multiplayer games and this fits that!  The Munchables are hungry creatures looking for things to eat.  The goal is to eat as many enemies as possible and grow as big as you can (you grow by eating, but so do your enemies).  You can eat everything from chocolate to vegetables to fruit.  The names of the characters in this game will make you laugh:  Eggplanter, Space Shroom and Rice Baller (just to name a few).  You can play in regular time, reverse, or time attack mode, so this game never gets boring.  You can even accessorize your character!  The controls are simple enough for Madison (my five year old).  A feature that I really like is that once you've beaten the game, it actually shows you all the acorns (which you need to accessorize) you missed!

The Munchables is great for young and old alike!  We will spend countless hours eating your vegetable, laughing, and having fun!


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