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My Day Today

Madison is sick.  She climbed into bed with us around 6 and was extremely restless.  About seven, I asked her what was wrong and she told me her butt hurt.  About eight, she threw up all over the bed.  Normally, this would not be too bad, but being pregnant, my gag reflex sucks.  We then moved into the living room.  The bedrooms have carpet and is hard to clean.  We moved into the living room with the hardwood floors.  Plus, the furniture all has stain guard.  She threw up again after we moved into the living room on the floor.  I cannot find a thermometer in the house to see if she is running a fever.  Her body is really hot, but her forehead does not feel as hot as her body.  She's not sweating either, so I can't tell if she's running a fever or not.  This is how the flu started last year that she ended up in the hospital, so keep your fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “My Day Today

  1. Yikes. I hope she feels better. Gigi stayed home sick yesterday, too. I went in to check on her the night before and she had thrown up all over herself and the bed. She hadn't even woke up in the midst of it all. That's a first. She is usually up and screaming when she feels ill. She had been mopey all day Easter, saying her tummy hurt, not eating, going to bed *early* (!!!)

    I sent her to pre-school today. She seems better. Me, though, I am still doing laundry since she got my sheets and the guestbed in the course of the night.

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