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My Day

Went to the doctor yesterday for my 13 week check-up. I lost 7lbs. from my last appt. Anybody who knows me knows I can afford to lose the weight. However, due to some other symptoms I have been having the doctor is concerned. I have been having some really bad dizzy spells. He gave me a prescription for the nausea. I also had to get blood work done this morning. They are testing my iron levels and glucose. I am trying not be worried. This alone makes me want to cry.

Then I get home (aff) and get yesterday's mail and I have a bill from the hospital. From July. Its the emergency room bill from my miscarriage that was suppose to covered. I talked to both Blue Cross Blue Shield and the hospital in August and thought this was taken care of. Guess I was wrong. I now have to call Blue Cross back in a week to see what they are going to do. I almost completely lost it with the CS rep at Blue Cross. Not her fault, but this is from July and you people were suppose to be dealing with it.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning for Christmas and looking for Rockstartup puzzle pieces. I have 28 of the 30 pieces. One of the pieces I am missing has been released but nobody can find it. The last piece is suppose to be release tomorrow.

A bit of good news – my furniture is suppose to be delivered tomorrow between 12 – 4. Overall though, I still feel like crying. Gotta love pregnancy hormones.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! I think a lot of us have all but two pieces now. Just all trying to have a better new year! Be safe and be good to you and your new addition-to-be! Merry Christmas!

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