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My Little Boy Is Growing Up

It officially has happened. My little boy isn't so little anymore. He doesn't go to the doctor until December, but I am pretty sure he has to be close to 17 lbs. I had to go through his baby clothes and get rid of all the 3 (aff) – 6 months stuff. My little boy is in 6 – 9 month stuff now, and he won't even be 6 months old for another 2 (aff) weeks!

Also, on growing up, what do you buy a 6 month old for Christmas? There isn't much he plays with yet, so I am really struggling with this. Right now, I have 2 (aff) shirts and one toy. I need to get him a few more things.

5 thoughts on “My Little Boy Is Growing Up

  1. I know what you mean. My son is getting so big. He's wearing 4-5T clothes now. Makes me sad that he's not my little baby anymore. Now he's my little man.

  2. Those bouncy saucers that babies can sit in proved to be my son's favorite toy EVER. He was heartbroken when we finally had to tell him — at age 2 — that he was simply too big for it anymore. But, heck, by that point he was climbing in and out of it on his own, and it just wasn't safe!

  3. Hi again Lisa!

    Well, boys grow fast. Really fast:) before you know it, you already have a toddler running around the house! I have a year and 7 months old first born son:) It is a blessing knowing you.

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