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My Little Soccer Player

Bill and I have been talking for a while about signing up Madison for soccer. She's only 4, but we have a net in the yard. She's actually pretty good (this coming from a person who actually played soccer in high school) for a 4 year old. She knows how the goalie throws the ball. She even knows how to dribble the ball. Yet, Bill and I haven't worked on either skill with her, so we are not sure where she learned them. The only thing (and I laugh every time she does it) she does wrong is that she has to set herself before she kicks a goal.

Well, today we signed her up for a semi-local soccer place. Its a tad more expensive than say the park district, but the class ratio is better. Plus, it has open enrollment. We went to our first class today, and she loved it!!! She literally ran around for 50 minutes (if she can keep this up, she'll never need anti wrinkle cream since exercise helps keep those away). Her skills were better than some of the other kids who have been there the entire session! One of the little games they played was called Ants and Dogs (you had to keep from being tagged), and Madison won!

We signed up for the rest of this session. We'll see how it goes, and maybe Madison can play all summer!

14 thoughts on “My Little Soccer Player

  1. Oh, what a treat! I've rarely laughed harder than when I watched my kids play soccer or tee ball. They have no idea what they're doing so they just run around and kick at each other. It's priceless.

  2. I played soccer all throughout my childhood and though it was simply a wonderful experience. I'm excited for Madison – i'm sure she will have a great time!

  3. Playing Soccer is great exersize although I've never understood why americans dont embrace it as much as the rest of the world? If you guys took it seriously you'd win the world cup within the next 20 years easily!

  4. Soccer is a great sport for kids. My youngest daughter (6 years old) goes hot and cold on soccer though. This makes us hesitant to sign her up as we have to sign up so early. I'd have to sign her up and then have her on a cold spell and not want to play. Right now she's hot on ice skating… which is fine as long as we keep her active!

  5. its really good to hear that girls also do like soccer. I am a boy and played football for more than 10 years, and still i enjoy it! So keep it up with your girl, because i bet in maximum 5-6 years the women world cup will get more mediatized

  6. Soccer is a great sport for many reasons. It's a great sport to learn team work, it keeps you in better shape than any other sport, etc. It's not too physical….it'll be fine 🙂

  7. I'll love soccer, it's the greatest sport in the world. Glad to see your kid is being part of it.

    How is she playing now?

    My daughter is playing like crazy already and she's only 2,5 🙂

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