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My New Flooring

I know. It isn't Pergo or anything. However, it was much cheaper than Pergo! Can you guess what kind of flooring we now have in the living room? Here's what it looks like:


Yes, we have a foam floor down over our hardwood floor. I now can lay Will down, and he can play on the floor again. He roles from one side of the room to the other. Every so often, he tries to pull his legs up under him and try to crawl (that will take him a while to figure that one out). The great thing about my new floor is that it doesn't require me to use vacuum cleaners to clean up messes (not that I was using a vacuum on my hardwood floors anyway).  So what do you think?  Do you want this for your house?  It goes with everything!

7 thoughts on “My New Flooring

  1. Kyra is getting her new bedroom. It has a cement floor, so she is getting this same floor style in there. I think I am going to look for the pastel version though…LOL.. You know to go with all her pink stuff.

  2. One of the daycares my son's used to go to had this flooring in every room of the daycare. I loved it. t was squishy so if a kid fell down, they didn't get hurt.

  3. This kind of flooring is awesome! Our 11 months old baby would probably love crawling and playing on this one. And plus, this isn’t costly. 🙂

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