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My Night

DISCLAIMER: Body fluids talked about here!

We got home from Wisconsin about 4:00. About 4:30, Will decided to start crying and not stop for about an hour. No matter what we did, it didn't work. The only reason he stopped crying was that he fell asleep. Then he got up about a half hour later and we started this again. Bill has tried twice now to put him down because he fell asleep and he keeps waking up. I think Bill will be holding him all night. Oh yeah, he hasn't pooped since Tuesday either.

Then the tornado sirens went off, so downstairs we went.

Then we got to come upstairs, and I tried to start working on some posts for you all and my site crashed.

Then I started working on my side project, and Madison came out of her room and said she needed her butt wiped. I walked her in the bathroom and went to wipe her butt and noticed that there was no poop in the toilet. I asked her where her poop was, and she said her bedroom floor. Her bedroom has WHITE carpet! Lets just say this poop wasn't the kind you could just pick up with some paper towel either. I refrained from killing her, and I hope that I got most of it out. When I stopped scrubbing it looked like it was gone. I'll check again in the morning.

Yes, this is my night. Help me please. LOL

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