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My Thursday

Just realized I wrote this on Thursday and never posted it!

I am typing this at Midway Airport though this won't post until after I already land in Orlando.  I refuse to pay $6.95 for one hour of internet access as tempting as it is.  Being that it is September 11th, I was slightly worried to fly.  However, of all days during the year, I actually figure the security will be highest today.  I used my Southwest ticket I won last year at BlogWorld, so I had to go through the regular line instead of the the Express One.  Surprisingly, my line was shorter!  LOL  I made through checkin in less than 5 minutes.  Express isn't even that fast!  Security was a little more hectic.  However, I flipped lines and got into a shorter one, and it wasn't so bad.  I've done this a hundred times and I still sometimes forget and put something like a bottle of soda in there (and then you feel like an idiot when they are like “what's in your bag” and I'm like “nothing” and then they pull it out — not that I've done that before.  hee hee).  From my last trip, I couldn't find my Wordsearch and my Dramamine.  I just bought some at the aiport (goodbye $7).  However, I really don't want to get to Orlando sick to my stomach, so you do what you have to do.  I will admit even though I know this flight will be fine, I am more nervous than normal.  Up to this point, I still haven't even gotten excited yet.  Though, I know once I get there, everything will be fine.  This is the first time I have felt as guilty leaving.  Madison gave me a hug and kiss and told me to have a good day at work, so it isn't like she had a fit or anything (now, when I went to the Pampers getaway, she had a fit).  Her main concern is that I bring her a bear home (aff) (she has a little collection of stuffed bears, so that's what she wants me to bring home (aff)).  From the looks of things right now, it looks like there won't be a lot of people on my flight.  However, we are all spread out, so this may deceiving.  Its about 30 minutes to takeoff, so I am starting to get a tad antsy.  However, I can feel the Dramamine kicking in, so hopefully I'll grab a little cat nap.  I would assume we are boarding soon, so I am going to shut this down and I'll see you all when I get to Orlando.

Obviously, I got here in one piece. It has been awesome.  I am super tired because they have kept us super busy.  I plan on writing a more about Izeafest when I get home, so I'll give you all updates then.

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  1. I go through Midway quite often, and I hate the fact that their internet costs money. Luckily my company pays for a wireless broadband service and the signal isn't too bad at Midway. And given southwest airlines is late half the time I really use the internet a lot while I'm there.

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