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My Ultimate Family Vacation

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Our vacation to Disney a couple of years ago sucked.  (If you have been reading this blog for a couple years, you'll know what happened.  For those who haven't, I'll recap what happened.  Madison got sick while we were there, and we spent the majority of our 7 day trip in downtown Orlando with her at the Children's Hospital.  With some help from Disney's PR people, we were able to make what we had left special, but it wasn't the vacation I envisioned).  I would absolutely love a redo on this trip.  There is no way we'll be able to afford another trip there for a very long time, and I would love  my daughter to have happy memories of Disney World instead of the memory of sitting in the hospital.  The other thing is that Will is older know and I think would enjoy it more now too.  And well, we missed out on seeing a ton of stuff.  That trip was Bill's first trip to Disney World.  We even stayed on site, so we wouldn't miss the magic.  However, the hospital didn't have the same magic.

If we are going to make it the ultimate though, I'd love to say in the resort (aff) hotels on site (we stayed in a moderate hotel on site.  It was nice, but no where near what those really nice ones are).  I'd have the dining plan again, because it was nice not having to worry about the cost of everything.  I'd like to have character dinners whenever possible (something else we missed out a lot on).  I'd also love for Madison to get done up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  I think she would soooo get a kick out of that.  The other ultimate part — I'd love to invite my parents and sister (and her family) and my inlaws (mother, father, brother, and sister in laws and their families).

How awesome would a trip to Disney World with everybody be?  Very awesome and my ultimate family vacation.

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3 thoughts on “My Ultimate Family Vacation

  1. Hello Lisa, this is Andy, and I wanted to say that I haven't been to any Disney outing in over 15+ years, but I'd like to go back (to Orlando, Florida) for my own vacation one of these days…

    Andy Jenkins

  2. My ideal family vacation would be to take a road trip across these great United States and take in all the wonder. Stretch from coast to coast and stay at "interesting" motels along the way. Stop at fruit stands, truck stops, rest stops, mystery spots, whatever.

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