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My Wooden Spoon

I came across the cutest site today called My Wooden Spoon.  Obviously it is a cooking site, but I already have bookmarked one of the posts.  It's the one on measurement equivalents.  I can never remember what equals what, and I can never find the correct measuring cup or measuring spoon that I need.  I have been doing some posting on some of the easy recipes I have been trying, and this post will come in extremely handy.  The theme for this blog is super cute.  Since it just started, there is only a little content, but I know I will be trying some recipes from here in the near future.

6 thoughts on “My Wooden Spoon

  1. I can't cook, so I try and read about what I can to learn how. I've been posting some of the recipes I have been trying on here, but I never thought to start a blog on it. Good luck!

  2. Aww, I love the graphics! Spelling leaves a bit to be desired, but I should talk. If you like cooking sites, you should try CookingCute.com, it has great tips on how to make your bento/packed lunch fun to look at, and has lots of really good recipes. Haven't updated in a while, but what can ya do?

  3. Thanks so much! The conversions from one measurement size to another make it really hard to convert USA recipes to work in the UK. "2 Cups"??? It's mad, I mean, to be really acurate you need to say if that is a coffee cup, a teacup or an egg cup!!!

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