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Did you ever want to get your social network updates and messages in one place?  Are you sick and tired of having to have twelve programs open to stay in touch with the online world?  If so, MyLife.com is what you need.

With MyLife.com, you can get your social network updates and email messages all in one place and discover personal and work contacts you won't find anywhere else.  MyLife.com helps you find and maintain personal and work connections all in one place (you define the Personal Relationship Management (PRM) category for each of your contacts).

Over 60 million registered members and nearly 700,000 active paying subscribers use MyLife.com’s services to find friends, classmates, singles, people to hire and network with, and other valuable connections. Members can create a free MyLife profile to see who’s searching for them (and see whether they are friends or business contacts).  You can also set up ongoing alerts for new connections you can’t find anywhere else.

MyLife is another social media tool that is great for those of us who live in the online/social media world.  It allows you to maintain your sanity with the many social media programs out there and keep your contacts straight.

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