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Another hit that Discovery Channel has on their hands is Mythbusters. This show is about taking old wives tales, urban legends, and myths out there and proving if they are true. There is no script for the show, so laughs are definitely easy to come by. They use any supplies they can get their hands on to disprove these myths — everything from HDMI cables to dead pigs.  Not only do they tell you what is fact and fiction, they show it to you!  They have blown up toilets and safes and dropped a dummy off a building (to see if an umbrella would slow the fall) — that's just to name a couple of crazy things they have done.  I think they are season 4 already, so I am not only one who loves this show!  You are also able to submit myths you want tested.  Also, if you don't like how they did their testing, let them know.  They have repeated some of their testing due to viewers writing in about it!  If you haven't seen this show yet, head over to the Discovery Channel right now!

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