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Find the best deals in your area with Myzerr

In this economy, I know we are all looking for a place to get great online coupons.  A great place to stop is Myzerr.  It is an online community platform that brings you discounts, coupons, and member specials for cool places to eat, shop, travel and play.  You can connect with local businesses & community groups to find great discounts too.  They work with companies ranging from Sears to Old Navy to Barnes & Noble to Macy's.  There is definitely a coupon for everyone here!  I love that you can print coupons or access deals with the location aware iPhone app. You can also link to and share deals with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is super easy to find the coupons you need. You can't miss the search bar at the top of your page. I loved that it knew where I was from, and it recommended 10 pages of businesses in my area! It was super easy to filter those results to the categories I wanted to look at too.

Not only do they help the consumers out there, they make it super easy for business to list their coupons and deals on here.  Not only is it easy, it's free too! You can also promote and access deals via a ‘coupons tab' on your Facebook Page. It takes promotion to a whole other level!

Myzerr is a great site for both customers and businesses.  If you are looking to save money (or promote your business with coupons), check it out!

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