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Nancy Drew Collector's Edition Fan Favorites

Calling all Nancy Drew fans!!!! This Nancy Drew Collectors Edition Fan Favorites collection is a must have. It is a awesome because it includes the top 3 (aff) games as voted on by the fans! There is also a fun journal (I used mine to take notes). This is all bundled together in a tin decorated with artwork from the 3 (aff) games! This is a limited edition and only available for purchase at Her Interactive and Amazon.com.

The three games that are included (Curse of Blackmoor Manor, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and Treasure in the Royal Tower) are all awesome to play.  Each has their own twists and turns.  The Curse of Blackmoor Manor and The Secret of Shadow Ranch both are more mystery games while Treasure in the Royal Tower definitely falls under adventure.  You seriously have countless hours of fun here.  You can easily spend your Christmas vacation and then some immersed in these games.  This is the perfect Christmas gift for the Nancy Drew fan in your life (and if it's you, buy yourself one for Christmas.  You won't regret it!).

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