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I just realized that I never posted about our NASCAR experience. We were able to take our kids to NASCAR a couple of weeks ago when they were here. Bill has been there once. However, the rest of us had never been there. Here's what our experience looked like: (http://my.thismoment.com/moment/view/75640/nascar)

What impressed me most is that they have really made NASCAR family friendly. I loved that the kids were given bracelets in case they got separated from us. It can happen at a big event like that, and it was nice to see them being proactive. We also were impressed that they had a Kids Club. My kids loved it in there! There was a lot of really great fun stuff for the kids to do before the race. The race was great to watch (though a tad cold). The kids favorite part (besides the balloon animals)? It was at the end when the winner spun out his tires and made a ton of smoke. Madison though that it was the coolest thing ever!

After seeing how family friendly NASCAR has become, I would definitely take my kids again! Have you been to NASCAR? What did you think of it?

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  1. The isn't working so I'd just copy and paste your link to the address bar. I really love to watch speed racing! they're cool! I hope I could go at Nascar too with my whole Family. Thanks for sharing your moments!

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