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Nature's Source

ourproducts_bc_image24Who isn't looking for a bathroom cleaner that not only cleans but also is environmentally friendly?  If you aren't, just skip past this post.  However, if you are, you definitely need to check out SC Johnson's Nature's Source.  This is one of those products that once you use, you'll never be able to put down again.  With Nature's Source, you are able to remove tough soap scum on pretty much any surface in your bathroom. You know you can trust this products since it is made my the same makers as Scrubbing Bubbles (which is my own personal bathroom cleaner choice).  If you check the ingredient list, the first one listed is purified water.  You can definitely tell that this a product good for the environment.  It also has a nice fragrance to it.  I can't quite put my finger on the scent, but it does smell good (plus it looks really weird when you are smelling your bathroom cleaner, so I'll leave the scent as good and will amend this post when I figure it out).

Not only does it work, it is environmentally friendly.  The bottles themselves are recyclable.  It also contains more than 99% natural biodegradable ingredients.  The product is also made at a facility that uses renewable energy from nearby landfill gases.  You won't find ammonia, bleach or phosphorus in Nature's Source.

63% of households think it is too difficult to live naturally.  I believe that you have to do things using baby steps and using Nature's Source is one of these baby steps.  Not only is Nature's Source both affordable and effective, but it saves on the environment too.

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  1. I have been looking at cleaning alternatives recently – I've tried Tesco's own brand, which is actually pretty good, despite not having much of a smell. I'm always open to new bathroom products.. anything which will remove the grime – it helps that it's good for the environment as well!

  2. I can't stand practically poisoning myself when cleaning the bathroom. It's hard finding something that's good for mother nature yet still effective.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

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