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Need a Job?

When I was in the working world, one of the sites I used to look for work was Monster. This is one of the best comprehensive job listing sites out there. It just as easy to post jobs on there as it is to look for them. In the world that we live in, it is one of the easiest ways to let that world know that you are hiring. You are able to reach the entire United States, Canada, or almost any country of your choosing. As a potential employee, I love that I can upload my resume to them. Not only can I search for jobs but potential employers can be searching for me also. I have been contacted by employers through them, so it definitely works. You can show if you are looking for part time, full time, or seasonal work. You can show what salary you are looking for and what hours you want to work. This is such a time saver for everyone involved. I have been to job interviews where I have found out this information at the interview (and we could have saved everyone's time if I had known beforehand). If you need a job or if you are looking to hire, definitely check out Monster.

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