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The internet can be a really scary thing nowadays. As an adult, we sometimes can get tangled up in sites and things we shouldn't. Being that our kids are so tech savvy nowadays, it worries me. Madison is only five, and she can easily get on the internet and over to Noggin.com. If she can do that at five, I am afraid of what the teenage years can and will bring. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has really stepped up to the plate to the challenge of educating our children. They used their expertise to develop NetSmartz. This is site the educates, engages, and empowers kids as internet users. The site has seven teen characters. There are bios, comics, and videos of all these characters. You can read and watch about social networking, improper internet usage, cyberbullying, and offline consequences just to name a few. The videos even have real teens on them also. You still need to have a conversation with your teens about appropriate online behavior, but this sure opens up the conversation for you.

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  1. i understand!! As a mother of three children aged from six to 12 years, and I know that the restricted access we have installed on the house computer is not the clue! I am also worried.. Thank you for the link of that center.


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