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Never Leave Your Child Alone

In 2008, at least 43 children across the United States died from heat stroke caused by being left or trapped in a vehicle.

Heat is much more dangerous to children than to adults. When left in a hot vehicle, a young childs core body temperature may increase three to five times faster than that of an adults, which could cause permanent injury or even death within minutes.

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6 thoughts on “Never Leave Your Child Alone

  1. Now this is something I don't get – how anyone can *forget* that they have a child in the car? I've heard news stories about parents who *forget* to drop their child off at day care, go to work, and then the poor kid literally roasts to death.

    Also, weather aside, I'd think that these parents would be worried that some pervo might snatch their child when they're not looking.

    Every time I see one of these news stories, I shake my head and wonder *why?*

  2. Parents who are irresponsible enough to forget that they locked their child/children up in a car shouldn't even have custody of their children in the first place.

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