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New 2008 Laws

I know I haven't been posting a ton.  However, I am getting ready for Madison's birthday party on Saturday, and there is ton that we still need to do.  However, in Illinois, we had a bunch of new laws come through that I have to pass along!

  • There is a statewide ban that prohibits smoking in all public places.
  • Parents are able to check their children's driving records online.
  • Teens under 18 are no longer allowed to chat on cell phones while driving.
  • Public funding of research on all types of stem cells (including embryonic) is now allowed.
  • First time drunken drivers will now have to pass a breath test every time they start their car.
  • All retailers and wholesalers must start selling “fire-safe” cigarettes which are designed to go out by themselves if they are not being smoked.
  • Dogs are now allowed in outdoor areas of Chicago restaurants.
  • Pets can now also get orders of protection.
  • Predators can be arrested for having illicit conversations with minors online.
  • “Phishing” and soliciting information by pretending to represent a legitimate business is now against the law. (This wasn't before?)
  • County coroners must provide DNA information on homicide victims to the State Police.
  • Counties can establish drug schools as an alternative to traditional prosecution for drug offenders.
  • Kindergartners and 1st graders have to have eye exams.
  • Drivers must leave 3 (aff) feet of space them and a pedestrian or bicyclist when passing.
  • Gift certificates and gift cards cannot expire or have their value reduced for 5 years after purchase.
  • Adopted children of state workers will receive the same pension survivor benefits as biological children.
  • The penalty for buying OTC ingredients for methamphetamine with a fake ID was increased to a felony.

Now, some of these new laws actually surprised me.  I thought many were already on the books.  However, it is nice to see that the lawmakers of Illinois were actually able to get something accomplished in 2007!  From watching the news though, it does not look like the Illinois lawmakers are going to get much done this year.

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