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NIU Shooting

Just wanted to let everyone know that no we don't know anyone who goes to school there right now. However, for those of you who haven't heard yet, there was a shooting at Northern here in Illinois.  At 19 year old dressed in a black trench coat armed with a 12 gauge shotgun walked into the classroom that up to 200 students in it and just started shooting at 3 (aff) PM this afternoon.  He didn't say anything (aff).  Depending on what news you listen to, there is anywhere from 2 (aff) – 15 people who were shot. What is known for sure is that the gunman is dead. Also,  3 (aff) people have been transfered to Rockford with head injuries.  The scene is secure. From what I can see on the news is that there is about 15 ambulances there, several fire trucks, and a ton of cop cars.

As soon as I know more, I'll pass it on.

If you have any kids there, here is the Parents Hotline 1-815-753-1573. The university is currently shut down and will also be shut down tomorrow.

One thought on “NIU Shooting

  1. I think people really need to stop with all the school violents. I am a Jr in high school and all the stuff in high school is crazy why would we want to go to college knowing there is still stuff when we get out of high school. NIU was a school I was thinking about going too but not any more. I know there really isnt any other chance of anything happening but still. Now i am just thinking about taken classes on line. I dont like school any ways. but i think its crazy how many high school and college shootings there has been in the past 8 years. and not just shooting just the violnts. and a lot of it is from people getting picked on. THIS JUST ALL NEEDS TO STOP!

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