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Norton Online Family

logo-norton-from-symantecWe are a family that uses Norton on all of their computers, so I when I heard about Norton Online Family I knew I wanted to check it out.  For parents out there who need an easy way to see what their kids are doing online, Norton Online Family is what you need.  You can easily set up an account online and profiles for each of your family members.  You can easily check with an internet connected device you child's activity or even change their profile.  All sites they visit are in chronological order and don't include any popup ads they may encounter.  You can even see what words and phrases are being used for searches.  It even tracks personal information that your child may send out via email and social networks.  You can monitor their activity on social networks such as mySpace and Facebook.  Though I do have to admit my favorite part of this program is that the “house” rules are always visible to your children.  There is no guessing what is and isn't okay.  It is outlined for them in black and white.

If this sounds like something you need at your house, they, for a short time, are offering a beta test.  You can sign up and try this out for yourself at no cost to you!  What do you have to lose besides making your kids safer?

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