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Not so good day

Bill is at a golf outing today, so I've been on my own. Normally, not a big deal. However, we started Will on formula this weekend, and he is not doing real well with it. Saturday night he didn't sleep more than 2 (aff) hours at a crack. Last night was better. He was up at 11:30, 2 (aff):00, and 5:00. He use to sleep 4 – 6 hrs at one crack during the night. The weird thing is that he is eating more on the formula than the breast milk. I thought formula was suppose to be more filling. His eating schedule today looks something like this:

5am – I don't remember

7am – 2 oz

10 am – 3oz

12 pm – 3 (aff) oz

2 – 3 (aff) oz

4:30 – 4 oz

6:30 – 2 oz

8:00 – 3 oz

He use to eat 4 oz every 3 -4 hours. I don't know what happened. Anybody have any ideas???

I forgot to add that all he's done tonight is cry.

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