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NYS Collection

With the temperatures in the high 90s this week and weekend, sunglasses are must if you are outdoors.  NYS Collection has a ton of sunglasses you can wear, look cool, and not spend every cent you have in the bank!  I love that they are both stylish and affordable!  The glasses I have on this picture are the 1809.  I love them.  They are built well.  I have dropped them, thrown them in a backpack, and even the kids haven't been able to destroy them.  I am impressed!  They are comfortable, trendy, and a great price!  Why spend hundreds for glasses that look as good as these for much less?

The NYS Collection have also teamed with Jersey Shore.  The Jersey Shore sunglasses are now available for $19.99 at NYS Kiosks in shopping-centers in all 50 states, as well as on their website,www.nyscollection.com.

I am a fan of the NYS Collection sunglasses.  They are trendy, affordable, and comfortable.  What more can ask for your sunglasses?

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