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Oh My! My Eye!

When you go to have eye surgery done, don't wear a shirt that you go at a blogging conference. 🙂 I spend most of my surgery talking about blogging, but that's cool. Yep, I was awake for the sty removal. It ended up being 5 (yes 5!) stys on my eyelid. However, the surprise was that even though it was actually looking better, it was not. Once he got in there, he ended up removing part of my lower eyelid. What looked like skin was actually a big puss ball. Yummy, I know. They ended up sending the gunk they got off to get tested. Of course, I forgot to ask what they were testing for (it's not like you get sent to Preparatory School before surgery so you know what to ask).

Now, I know the overriding question is if I'll need surgery to fix what they took out.  It depends how it heals.  There is a definite divet in my eyelid.  However, I don't think it is all that noticeable.  I notice it because I know its there.  I'm not too sure if others do or not.  I've spent the better part of the last couple days not being able to drive or see.  Bill and Grandma did the honors of taking the kids to their respective independent schools).

At this point, it's wait and see.  I've got a follow up appointment in 2 (aff) weeks and I'll let you all know more then!  (However, I am leaning towards the not getting it fixed if insurance isn't going to pay to fix it).

6 thoughts on “Oh My! My Eye!

    1. It was numbed, so I really didn't feel anything but pressure. Plus, talking helped me remember to breath. It's interesting watching a scalpel heading towards your eyeball. 🙂

  1. Reminds me when I had 2 wisdom teeth cut out. They were putting me under and I started butting in their conversation about bowling until I was out cold lol.

    Hopefully your eye heels well and you won't need surgery again. As for the puss, they probably sent it off to be cultured would be my guess.

    1. Normal people just get them and they go away. Not me, of course. LOL It had to be removed, so it didn't really matter if I was squeamish or not. Childbirth hurt way worse. LOL

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