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Okay, haven’t died yet :)

I am still pretty sick though.  I am on 500 mg of dicloxacillin every 6 hours and 1000 mg of Tylenol every six hours.  I am still running a fever and now the pain has spread.  I now have the pain in my left breast too!  I am pumping every 2 (aff) – 3 (aff) hours, and it is doing nothing.  My milk supply has gone done since this all started.  I am dizzy,  lightheaded, and nauseous.  All my muscles ache.  I have to call my OBGYN back this afternoon if I still don't feel better, and they most likely will get me in for an appointment at the end of the day.

Right now, I just want to climb into bed and sleep.  However, the three year old here doesn't want to do that.

5 thoughts on “Okay, haven’t died yet :)

  1. Dammit girl. Call them now and get in there ASAP. You need to be seen and treated especially if the pain is spreading.

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