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I am officially old.  Having worked in the yard for two days now, I think my body is dead.  Seriously.  I have not been this sore since well I don't know how long.  I gave birth to a baby, and I wasn't this sore.

Monday, I pulled weeds.  We had grass on the side of the house that was taller than me.  I pulled it all out.  I ended up with 5 garbage cans of yard waste.

Yesterday, I mowed the lawn.  Our lawn mower sucks.  First, the self propel part doesn't work at all.  Then I had my neighbor look at it after I clogged it and the belt needs to be replaced.  I am trying to talk Bill into buying a new one.  I just can't tell what is a good one and what isn't.  I am not sure what kind of features I should be looking for either.  Anybody have any advice on this one?

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