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On The Road Again

Can you believe this crazy Chicago weather? It is hard to believe that summer is right around the corner (though that teaser we had of 90 degrees has really thrown everybody off — myself included). Thinking about summer makes me think about our awesome New York trip we'll be taking this summer!

Now, we luck out that we are able to buy new vehicles when we shop. (We also have an excellent credit union that offers great financing on both used and new vehicles. When we bought our Prius, they beat Toyota's financing by 5%! Needless to say, we went with them instead of Toyota Financing.) Bill puts on 70 miles a day right now, so for wear and tear along, he has to get new. However, I have driven many austin used cars myself. The hardest thing about a used car though is finding a good quality one for the right price. That's where sites like I Want To Buy Used come into play. You are able to navigate the site quite easily and search for the perfect vehicle for you and your family.

Do you buy new or used vehicles? How do you shop for them? Online or in person? What features do you look for?

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