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Oncor Pizza Pop-Ems

This is will be my first (and probably not my last) negative review here. My husband bought these (probably because they were on sale). We normally get the Tostino's Pizza Rolls, so I was a tad surprised to see these instead. I tried the pepperoni ones.

Do not buy these. When you bite into them, all you taste is the gross breading. There is no flavor. You don't taste the cheese. You definitely don't taste any pepperoni. The only good thing I can comment on is the packaging. They came in a resealable ziplock type bag, so you were able to close them up after you took out what you needed. Seriously, spend the extra money and pass on these.

6 thoughts on “Oncor Pizza Pop-Ems

  1. In my experience, it is very difficult to make a 'generic brand' pizza roll. Every one I have ever tried (including the store brand ones that are usually pretty good for other products) aren't quite the same as Tostino's.

  2. i thought these were the best pizza rolls because no matter where i buy tostinos they are always freezer burnt. Now they stopped sellin the pop'ems in every store here in my town i thought maybe they recalled them but i didn't know why because everyone here loved them and they were my childrens favorites. but i hope they start sellin again!!!

  3. Totino's pizza rolls have a tendency to "explode" and are incredibly greasy, and if you want them to be crispy, you often have to flip 'em after five minutes. After eating Pop'ems, I seriously couldn't go back to the normal kind. It's too bad a bunch of stores stopped selling 'em because they were truly incredible. They were comparably priced to normal pizza roll brands as well and came in huge bags…cryin' shame.

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