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We are finally done. I am not sure if posted what we did this weekend, but we painted the garage, the fence, and the front porch.  We went through 7 gallons of paint, and we are not completely done.  The fence needs a second coat of paint.  However, it looks good enough for Will's baptism this weekend.   We spent so much time outside that Bill and I are both sunburned!  Everything looks so much better now that it is painted.

I just realized that Bill and I are the American family (this coming from the girl who never wanted to normal — I like weird).  We have 2 kids (boy and girl) and a white picket fence.  LOL.

One thought on “Painting

  1. Oh my! That's a ton of work! I bet it looks great. I don't really like painting, but I do love the sense of accomplishment once it's done. It always amazes me what a difference a fresh coat of paint makes! You should pat each other on the back. 🙂

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