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Pardon Me . . . Do you have any Grey Poupon?

Actually, the question in my house should have been “Could you let me take a picture of your sandwich before you eat it?”. The mustard connoisseur in my house is my husband. However, being a man, he isn't real picky as long as it works. He was fairly excited though when I told him we were asked to try these Grey Poupon mustard varieties. He was so excited that he did not even allow me enough time to find the camera and take pictures of the two sandwiches he made for himself. Instead, I just took a picture of the two jars, so you can see what he tried.

Bill love the mustard. This is a guy who normally tells me to buy the cheapest thing possible. He actually requested that I pick up Grey Poupon next time I am grocery shopping! I informed him that it would be a little more expensive than the generic we normally by. His response was that he didn't care, because it was that good. The other observation he made was that the course ground mustard would work better on a ham versus a ham sandwich. He would like the spicy brown variety on either.

Bill gives these two thumbs up. It is hard to get him to give me his opinion on anything, so it was quite surprising when he told me absolutely love these!

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