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Parent’s Choice Baby Formula

We've all heard that breast is best. Trust me, it's been drummed into our heads from other mothers, media, etc. However, not everybody can breastfeed. I happened to be one of those mothers. I am sure I've talked about it before on this blog, but for my newer readers, I'll clue you into my story. Madison (my 5 year old) wouldn't latch. She wouldn't latch for me or the lactation nurses. Once we were out of the hospital, I kept trying but to get someone to come to the house would have costed us money we didn't have. When we went for our first checkup, we found out she had jaundice to the point we were almost admitted to the hospital. I had to make the choice to continue to breastfeed and have her end up in the hospital or pump and supplement with baby formula. Needless to say, I picked the later. With Will, we had the same problem with the added problem he was tongue tied. I ended up pumping for 4 months with Madison and 2 months with Will. When you only pump, it is hard to maintain your supply (at least it was for me) and I did end up supplementing with formula. When I quit pumping, my kids were 100% formula fed.

Nothing is more frustrating for a new mom who can't breastfeed for whatever reasons (you know mine). Money also tends to be tight, so it is great to see brands making an effort (like Parent's Choice) to make it more affordable for moms. If you feed with formula, you definitely need to check out this baby formula savings calculator. It made me ill seeing how much I could have saved on formula with my kids. This falls under baby stuff they need, so every cent you can save helps (especially in this economy).  I mean I was looking at saving around $60 a month!  Crazy, I know.  Consumer Reports has even looked into formula for us and recommended:

“We found that the store brand of formula at a local Wal-Mart (Parent’s Choice) cost 50 percent less per ounce than a leading national brand (Enfamil). According to the FDA, all formula marketed in the United States must meet the same nutrient specifications, which are set at levels to fulfill the needs of infants.”

Now, Consumer Reports is pretty unbiased, so that's a great statement coming from them.  I was able to try this formula out, and it was just as good as the Enfamil that we had used.  Having spent hundreds of dollars on formula myself, I can only advise that you try this out with your little ones.

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  1. I was also a mom that couldn't breastfeed. I have twin girls… and with a surgery, 5 years prior to having them, that prevented me from being able to breastfeed, I used formula. At first I felt guilty, but soon realized that there was nothing wrong with doing the best I could for my girls. I was FF as a baby, and I turned out healthy and strong!

    In any case… we gave the girls Parent's Choice… We started off with Enfamil.. what the hospital gave us… It was going to cost a small fortune to keep buying the Enfamil… We started researching ways to save money without sacrificing their nutrition. We did side by side comparisons of labels and found the Parent's Choice to be equal to the Enfamil in nutritional value. We didn't know at the time, but the FDA has very strict requirements that all infant formula manufacturers must follow. Later, we saw the savings calculator and saw that we saved over $1300 in one year of formula use. The savings were huge…

    Thanks for getting the word out, that for those that choose or need to formula feed, there is a way to save money!

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