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Little Passports

product-LP-Explorer-Kit-smI think I have found the perfect gift for the kid who has everything. Little Passports is a great personalized gift that will have your kids wanting more.

The first package you get comes in a fun travel suitcase (seriously, it does.  And it is super cute).  Your Explorer Kit has an introductory letter from Sofia and Sam (it's quite lengthy but very interesting), a world wall map (which will look great in your little ones bedroom), a travel passport, fun stickers, an activity sheet, a boarding pass, and access to a series of online games and activities.  Madison and I got to work on the activity sheet together (since she can't read).  My strongest suit is not geography, so I got a kick out of helping her find the different cities we needed to find on the map.  Madison adores getting mail (what kids don't), and she thought it was awesome (her words, not mine) that it come personally addressed to her (the box and the letter).  We were even able to share the stickers with her 2 (aff) year old brother (which he was happy about).

product-LP-Monthly-Adv-Kit-smEach month, your child will receive a package from Sam and Sofia as they travel to a new country.  They still get a personalized letter from Sam and Sofia, fun souvenirs, an activity sheet, a photo from the country, a passport stamp, a map marker, a suitcase sticker, and a collectible boarding pass to access more online games and activities.

Little Passports is really geared toward kids 5 and up.  They definitely deliver for fun, and they truly get your kids interested.  I highly recommend this!


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2 thoughts on “Little Passports

  1. This is a great idea! I was trying to think of a gift for my niece and this is going to the top of my list. She loves learning about new countries.

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