Pepperidge Farm’s Easter Tricks and Tips
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Pepperidge Farm’s Easter Tricks and Tips

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This spring, give your Easter celebration a new twist with these Easter tips and tricks from Pepperidge Farm to help you create the most memorable, sweet and salty seasonal treats!


Milano Cookie Bunny Ear Pudding Cup
Top off your favorite pudding cup with two Spring Milano cookies to create a pudding bunny treat complete with edible ears! Place a few jelly beans as eyes and a nose, add some licorice whiskers, and you have a delicious and festive pudding snack to share with the whole family!


Goldfish Cracker Carrot Bags
Fill up a pastry bag with Cheddar Goldfish crackers and tie with a green ribbon. These Easter carrots are one of the easiest treats to make and your little bunny will be grinning from ear to ear.

Chocolatey Chip Easter Bread Shapes
With the help of Easter-themed cookie cutters, give the gift of chocolatey and delicious Swirl Bread to all of your Easter Sunday guests!

How fun, right? Will Pepperidge Farm be a part of your Easter baskets?

2 thoughts on “Pepperidge Farm’s Easter Tricks and Tips

  1. My kids love there cheddar gold fish, so the Goldfish Cracker Carrot Bags are awesome for basket stuffers. So cute and clever!

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