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Perfect Christmas Present

I may have to change what I am buying my sister for Christmas (except she reads my blog, so I hope she skips this post!). These Rhinestone Wine Shirts are right up her alley. She is constantly blogging about the wine she tries. I'd actually buy her all 4, because they just fit her so well. She loves wine, and she loves shirts with sayings on them (especially when the saying fit her and her life!). Some other things that I like is that they are made in the US and they do come in other categories (but this one works best for my sister). These shirts normally are $24.95, but I have some top secret information that I want to share with all my readers. If you love these shirts as much as I do, use this shirt link and you'll save 20%! You all know how I like a sale!

6 thoughts on “Perfect Christmas Present

  1. Very cool. I am going to have to get one for my wife! She is a wino. 🙂

    Great blog! FYI, I found you via Entrecard. Just thought you might want to know.

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