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PerkyPet Design A Feeder

Need a gift for someone who has everything? Ever want to design your own bird feeder? If so, you have to try out Perky Pet's Design A Feeder.

With Design A Feeder, you get to pick out how it looks! I had Madison (my 8 year old) design ours and it took her all of about five minutes to do so. You get to pick the flowers, the base, and even the bottle design. They have tons of different choices for you to customize your bird feeder. I love that it is super easy to fill, and the lid screws on and off easily. Also, since this is made of plastic, I think it will hold up against the crazy Chicago weather we've had this summer. I also like the low price point, so that you can easily make this as a gift to someone!

With the butterfly garden on the side of the house, I already know we have hummingbirds who will enjoy this feeder that was made with both Madison's creativity and love. Now, if we can only catch them in the act of using it when I actually have a camera with me!

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