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PETA – Save The Whales??!!??

Do you find this offensive as I do?

s-SAVE-THE-WHALES-largeAccording to PETA's press release:

A new PETA billboard campaign that was just launched in Jacksonville reminds people who are struggling to lose weight — and who want to have enough energy to chase a beach ball — that going vegetarian can be an effective way to shed those extra pounds that keep them from looking good in a bikini. [….]
Anyone wishing to achieve a hot “beach bod” is reminded that studies show that vegetarians are, on average, about 10 to 20 pounds lighter than meat-eaters. […]

“Trying to hide your thunder thighs and balloon belly is no day at the beach,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA has a free ‘Vegetarian Starter Kit' for people who want to lose pounds while eating as much as they like.

Are you shocked? I mean come on PETA. Granted, I know I need to lose a few pounds, but I'd love to just show you and go eat a hamburger when I see ad campaigns like this. (And why are they always using women to make their point?)

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  If you are a vegetarian, do you like PETA doing ads like this?

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11 thoughts on “PETA – Save The Whales??!!??

  1. Between this tactless campaign and the 'unhappy meal' – I can honestly say they PETA has lost all credibility with me. Have they been licking too may frogs?

  2. I too am vegetarian & I think this is really, really funny! If only we had that campaign over here!

    I'm not only a veggo, but a woman & a, uh… "chubby" one at that, and I'm not at all offended by this… why should I be? There are so many more advertisments that ARE offensive, and to no good end. At least it gets your attention, and PETA have to compete with all the other adverts bombarding you every day, can you blame them for deliberately trying to get your attention, for the sake of animals?

    I don't, I commend them & all that they do for the beings that can't speak for themselves.



  3. Being a vegetarian, I also advocate vegetarianism to those who are trying to lose weight. But PETA has taken it too far with this extremely offensive billboard. I think it should be taken down immediately.

  4. I'm not offended, but I do think it's ridiculous. I know that my extra weight isn't healthy but making that billboard leads to the blanket assumption that all vegetarians are healthy, which is absurd. I haven't found PETA to be credible for years. Remember when they wanted to make ice cream out of breast milk?

  5. I've gotten to the point where I expect to see these things. I still don't think they should be using that type of example. Women have enough self image issues.

    My Aunt is a vegetarian because she physically can not eat meat. She's even said many of the ads PETA does are just not right. Just because you don't eat meat does not mean you are healthy.

  6. What was the biggest joke to me was watching a representative from PETA trying to explain their stand on this issue on FOXnews. Why even try to defend it? They knew exactly what they were doing and they are getting the attention they want. PETA is like some of my children at daycare who will do anything for any type of attention, even if it's negative. They're childish.

  7. Yes, I am offended by this. It's no wonder PETA is so often made fun of now a days. I hear and see more spoofs and jokes about them than anything good they accomplish. Tells me they are going about this all wrong, and this is just another example of that.

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