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The Peter Yarrow Songbook: Let's Sing Together!

51nsbDcNq-L._SL160_If you are looking for song to sing no matter where you are, then The Peter Yarrow Songbook: Let's Sing Together! book and CD is just what you need.  This book includes songs of land and sea, hope and encouragement, and loss and joy (aff).  As you can see, they pretty much cover everything.  My kids enjoy singing, so this book is a welcome addition in our house.

The illustrations in this book are awesome and truly convey the meaning of each song.  I love that they have the lyrics for each song, so you can sing along too.  Many of these songs I already knew, but didn't know all the words.  You will find a lot of classics that you know such as My Boonie Lies Over The Ocean and John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.  There are some other songs that are just as good as the classic that I hadn't heard of before like I'm On My Way and Hey Lolly Lolly.  I also love that at the end of the book there is a listing with each song that has the chords to use for each song.

This book, The Peter Yarrow Songbook: Let's Sing Together!, is a great book for you and your family to enjoy together.  I know my family did.


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