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We had a very interesting episode at my house this morning.  Will had a little diaper accident that ended up all over my living room floor (and let's say it wasn't pee!).  Not only did it smell, it was stuck to the floor (I know, I know TMI, but I could have taken pictures!)

What does a mother do when incidents like this (and yes all mothers have at least one of these with each of their kids)?  Well, first you clean up the kid involved.  I also lucked out that it was Will's nap time, so I was able to put him down and not have him getting in the way of cleanup.

Once Will was down for a nap, that's when the real cleaning starts.  I have always loved pinesol.  It does say on the back not to use on wood.  However, I have always used it on my hardwood floors, because it is one of the best cleaners out there on the market and have yet to have a problem.  I have yet to find anything that matches its cleaning ability either.  However, I have always had one major complaint:  the smell.  I personally could not stand the lemony smell (Courtney just corrected me — it's not lemony — it's pine :P).  However, PineSol has come to rescue.  They now have flavors (or is it called scents?)!  The one I used on our little accident this morning was the “Sparkling Wave”.  I love it!  Not only did the PineSol clean up the mess, it left my living room smelling awesome.  There was no overwhelming lemon — just a calming sea smell (which after the morning I've had, I definitely need).

I would definitely go try this out if you haven't yet, and tell me what you think.

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  1. I know the actual event leading to such a cleanup can be, shall we say, discouraging; still, I also know the feeling of satisfaction from having completely cleaned up after such an incident.

  2. Clean-up. That is a chore so many dread. But in other to keep the enviroment clean and healthy, the chore cannot be dodge. So anything that comes handy to help accomplish the task with less exertiion of energy is a good plus. Great review, nice job well done. Cheers.

  3. Too bad, the scent I love the most is the lemon. But let me try that Sparkling Wave you have mentioned to see.

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