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Planet Dog

Planet Dog has everything you dog could ever want.  Seriously.  I was able to try out some of their puppy toys (see above pictures), and there is not a toy that Daisy (our 11 week old puppy) does not like to play with.  I LOVE ( I can't stress enough) their Orbee Bones.  They are awesome for teething.  Best of all (well for me at least), they are minty.  My whole house smelled awesome when they came.  (These are the bones you can see in the above pictures.  They are pink and blue and they come in a multitude of sizes.  They are also recyclable.)  The weird circle looking things — those are the Orbee-Tuff.  They too are buoyant, minty, and help with teething.  (I love anything I can use to get her to quit using us to teeth on).  These too come in pink and blue.  Lastly, we got the Baby Blanket Buddy.  These are beyond cute.  They come in two sizes and squeak!.  This toy is perfect for a comforting nuzzle or snuggle whenever your pup needs a buddy. The fabric naturally absorbs familiar scents too.

Granted, this is all just puppy things (because I have a puppy!), but they have a lot of great dog items too!  If you have a dog in your house, I recommend checking out Planet Dog.  You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Just visited the site and they have awesome doggy stuff indeed. But what I really like about them is that 2% of your purchase goes to canine service programs. I think that's encouraging enough to buy their products.

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