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Plant Pal Singing Bird Moisture Meter

Am I the only one who struggles with their green thumb? I see to do alright with the outdoor plants. However, those indoor ones seem to always do me in. Either I water them. Or Bill waters them. Or we both water them. Or nobody waters them. Basically, we end up killing them due to overwatering or underwatering them.

The Plant Pal Singing Bird Moisture Meter has come to the rescue. Plant Pal accurately measures moisture at the root level to help prevent under- or over-watering. An electronic sensor housed inside the lifelike hand-painted polyresin songbird monitors moisture levels, and softly chirps its own authentic bird song when the soil is too dry and your plant needs watering. Simply position the Plant Pal’s 6-inch moisture-sensing probe into the soil and let the birdie do the rest. The authentic bird songs on Plant Pal are actual live recordings that are similar to the sounds used on MFA’s popular Original Singing Bird Clock with over 8 million sold. Plant Pal is available in beautiful Cardinal, Robin, and Blue Jay designs. It also features a light sensor that deactivates the bird song at night allowing you and the bird to catch some sleep. In addition, the included replaceable button cell battery should last up to a year if your watering habits don’t cause too much desperate “chirping!”

This really does work! It definitely chirps when your plants need to be watered and it won't do it at night. I have to say I am pretty impressed. This would make the perfect gift for the person who has “green thumb” issues. I'll be ordering one for my mom!

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