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Playdoh Creativity Center

The Playdoh Creativity Center is a winner in both parents and kids eyes. If you find you have playdoh and playdoh accessories all over your house, you need one of these! Not only does it have a table for your little one to play on, all of the playdoh and accessories go inside. I know it has been a lifesaver in my house. Now, Madison and I both know where all of her playdoh stuff is. There is enough space inside that you can put other playdoh accessories and playdoh in there. We have several different sets in ours. On the table (which is the cover) there are also spots (or molds) that allow the kids to make all sorts of different shapes like strawberries and such. You can also buy the plastic that goes on top and gives the kids a theme to build playdoh things with. I think it comes with one that looks like four plates, so the kids can make playdoh food to put on the plates. I can't tell you how many hours Madison has played with this. It is worth every penny. You can't get it at places like directbuy, but it should be pretty easy to find at Kmart, Target, etc.

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  1. Hey! This is right up my alley… we have 2 boys (3 & 6) and keep all our playdoh in a big tote, but then we really don't have a decent play area for it. This would make a great birthday present. Thanks for the review.. I don't know that I would have come across it otherwise!

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