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PlaySkool Clipo Hippo

Another awesome toy you need to get your hands on for your little ones is the Clipo Hippo from PlaySkool.  With having a two year old, you find that there aren't a lot of toys out there for this age group.  We have the problem that the toys are are either too little or too old for him.  The Clipo Hippo is for 18 months and up and easy for your little one to use.  I actually remember having something along the lines of this when I was a kid.  The hippo that comes with this cute, and it allows you to store everything inside of it.  The hippo even has wheels, so you can push it across the floor!  The best part is that this toy requires your kids to use their imagination. There are no batteries involved!  My five year old likes it as much as my two year old, and you can buy extra pieces (including a table) to extend your play time even more!

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