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As many of you know, we remodeled our basement this last summer, so we had some extra room in the house. We now have a huge play area for the kids. However, even though the basement itself is warm, the floor is freezing cold. We have been looking for sandals and/or slippers for Will that he wouldn’t easily be able to take off. We found the perfect match with the Polliwalks shoes. These shoes are not only cute, but extremely functional too. For the winter time, we got him the puppy dog shoes. They are super warm for him. I love that the bottoms are nonstick. We have hardwood floors upstairs which also get very cold in the winter. I can never put him in socks, because he either doesn’t leave the socks on or he slips and falls wherever he tries to go. With these shoes, he can’t easily get them off (though I can easily get them on), and he isn’t falling all over. He also is a huge puppy fan right now, so he loves them just because they are puppies.

Now, for the summer (or when we can’t find his puppy shoes), we got him the Fish Shoes. I love them. These shoes include the back straps that ensure that they stay on your little ones feet. It also makes it super easy to adjust for a custom fit for your kids’ feet. They are super easy to get on and my son has yet to try and take them off.  The fish lips change color when exposed to UV rays of the sun too!  How cool is that?  Right now, these are only in select Dillards stores and online at Zappos.com.  They will be available at all of their retailers in Jan/Feb.

Overall, I am impressed with the Polliwalks shoes that we got. They are made out of high quality material, and try as he might, my son has not figured out how to wreck them yet. They are cute and can definitely take a beating. These are shoes that will easily be passed down from kid to kid and still look great!  Now, since these are so great, I want to offer pair to one of my lucky readers!

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144 thoughts on “Polliwalks

  1. 😳 🙄 😯 wow i realy love to try and win a pair and i think thay all realy nice and well the ones thay wow just 2 cute and well if i win can i pick them out then? please enter me in thanks

  2. I love these! I would love the lime gators or frog style for my nephew! I wish they made these for grown ups!

  3. I like that they are so easy to clean and you don't have to worry about shoe laces. I like the cherry lady bug one.

  4. I got a pair of those lady bugs slippers to my niece, and she likes them so much that sometimes she goes to bed with those slippers on 🙂 I never really got why everyone things lady bugs are the cutest bugs in the world, but I'm happy to have picked a present the kid actually liked!

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