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My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure

my little ponyI love when toys from when I was kid come back for my kids. My sister and I loved My Little Pony. Madison has a couple of them too. Will loves to brush their hair. Now, My Little Pony has a new DVD that has come out called Twinkle Wish Adventure. It is about the ponies waiting for the Winter Wishes festival. The Wishing Star there grants each pony one wish.  However, it goes missing and the ponies have to find it!  The movie is about the journey they take and what they learn along the way.  My kids loved the movie.  They loved the extras too!

This DVD is jam packed with extras too.  There are two extra stories on here (Elefun & Friends and Waiting For The Winter Wishes Festival).  There is also 6 sing along songs (My Little Pony theme, The Thing-A-Ma-Do Song, Dreams Do Come True, Somewhere Super New, That's What Makes A Friend, an A Wonderful Winter Song) and 4 downloadable activities (coloring sheet, note to Santa, How to Make a Snowman, and even pony cut out ornaments).

This DVD is full of great things and would make a great Christmas present to any My Little Pony fan.  They will spend hours with this DVD and all its related activities!


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One thought on “My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure

  1. I actually kept My Little Ponies from when I was a girl and my daughter plays with them! Thanks for reviewing the movie. I'm gonna pick up a copy as soon as I can.

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