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Pooh Counts

Pooh Counts is a book that we received when Madison was little. She still plays with it and so does Will! The pages are made of cardboard, so they are definitely tough and can withstand children.  As you can see from the picture, there are beads going across the top.  Each page of the this story is about the Winnie The Pooh (aff) characters going to pick berries.  The story has you move the beads/berries from one side to the next.  The beads/berries are also color coded too.  This book very easily teaches colors and counting, and your kids won't even know they are learning!  There are a total of ten beads/berries, so it is still very elementary.  Look another book idea for them. LOL).  Pooh Counts is also only ten pages long, so even kids with the shortest attention spans can enjoy it.

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