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I know, great title for a post. Here's the deal though. Since Madison was seventh months old, she has had pooping issues. We were actually doing semi-good with it (meaning she would actually poop every 2 – 3 days). Then we started potty training, and it has completely gone downhill since. I have tried everything anybody has said to try. Our current method to get her to go is to mix prune juice with her regular juice (that has to taste yummy). I give her that everyday, and she still doesn't poop everyday. I know if I drank prune juice everyday I would be extremely regular. She can still go several days without pooping. If you give her too much prune juice in one day, you are talking poop explosion and she cries that she has a belly ache for at least an hour if not two.

I am at the point that I do not know what to do. Do I call her doctor and get her in again? I do not want to go the route of medicine, but the kid has got to poop. Any suggestions?

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