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This post brought to you by PopWatchers. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, this is the time to start comparison shopping. There is nothing worse than getting home (aff) with a great product to find out that you could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere. It is even worse when you order things online due to shipping charges. Who wants to pay to ship something back just because you found it cheaper elsewhere (it sort of negates your savings!).

PopWatchers is to the rescue. They make shopping easier by showing you the most popular items from the most trusted sites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Zappos. Time is money, and by not having to search each site separately, you are saving yourself a ton of time. Since you are able to sort by most popular products, you are also able to find the best things first.

For example, I did a search on Spiderman. That is something Will absolutely adores right now. First thing I learned was that Zappos carries Halloween costumes (who knew!). It is super easy to use their site. You get to pick which online stores you want search (I left them all checked). I also sorted by most popular. You can also search by category and even by price range (there was a collectors comic book for $2500. A tad more than I want to spend on a 3 (aff) year old!). In the listings, it tells you which site is offering the product.

If you want to save yourself some time, PopWatchers is definitely a site you need to start out shopping with!

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