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Postie Carnival

Haven't heard of the postie carnival before? Well, it is quite easy to participate in. The rules are simple:

1. Be an active Izea postie.
2 (aff). Email us at posties@inbox.com the link to your blog as well as the link to your favorite post.
3 (aff). Submissions must be entered no later than 6pm the day before the carnival. (The carnivals will be the 1st of every month).
4. Place a post on your blog directing other Posties to enter the carnival and then another post the day of the carnival directing readers to check the carnival out.

To make submitting easy, I have included a widget in my sidebar that you can use or this link.

Our next carnival is going to be February 1st, and the topic is “Your Best Posts From 2007”.  Thanks and happy submitting!

9 thoughts on “Postie Carnival

  1. I submitted one at the BC Carnival link you provided (like I do for other Carnivals) but either didn't get checked or I was rejected. May I know if I was rejected and why? I've never had that happen before.

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