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Potty Training and Sickness . . .Oh My!

We've had a fun last couple of days. Madison caught a nasty summer virus. What do I mean by nasty? Well, it causes fevers for up to 7 days and blisters in the back of your throat! At this point, she's complaining that it hurts when she swallows. She's had fevers up to 104 degrees already. She's been to her doctor, so we've ruled out strep throat. However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We are suppose to go camping this weekend and I'm hoping she gets better so we can still go. I'm also hoping Will doesn't get this. It's pretty nasty.

And potty training. If I only had one kid, I would think we are great. Overall, Will seems to get it. His accidents are more of the #2 (aff) variety. I can deal with that. 🙂 He did start speech therapy last week, and it went well. I think he may be ready for preschool come fall (though he needs to be 100% potty trained by then).

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